Monday, August 27, 2012

It's Not Worth It

I had a surgery back in May of this year and since then I haven't had the same taste sensations that I used to have.  For example, I would get glazed doughnut holes and chocolate milk before my surgery and it would taste real good.  Well now the milk taste like water with a hint of chocolate flavoring (you know when there isn't enough and they should have done more).  As I continued and ate a doughnut the flavor was pretty much obsolete.  I asked my dad if they tasted good or if they were bad?  He said they were good, so I ate another and was done.  It wasn't worth it if it didn't taste good.

I have been told that my taste would return but it hasn't yet.  I have had this response with many foods and it is hard to find things that I like.

I still like to make things though, I just don't eat it, I let other people.  The other day I made brownies.  They were good, I liked them!  Here's the thing, I didn't care for the initial bite while it was in your mouth  I liked the taste that it left in my mouth a few minutes after swallowing. So I only ate little bits and would wait for awhile before having more.  My sister thought it was funny that I was eating for the aftertaste.

I didn't get lots of pictures but I got one, here it is, sorry for the quality I used my phone.

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  1. Your brownies look soooo good! I hope I get to try some in the near future.