Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Good Healthy Dinners

I have decided to make some good healthy dinners for the next few weeks before my dad gets married and I am no longer in charge of the dinner cooking.  First I spent some time looking at different things that I would like to try and planed when I would have them.  I then made a list of the things that I needed to buy.  I wanted to go to the store yesterday but because I can't drive and my sister didn't want to get ready to go, I went today.

Here is a look at what my meal plan is for the week:

 Monday didn't count, I just got back from a vacation and was limited to my food options.
                 Breakfast - Almond Banana Smoothie
                 Lunch - I was with my sister so had Mac and Cheese with her kids
                 Dinner - Grilled Bread and Summer vegetables tomato salad
                 Breakfast -Almond Banana Smoothie  (I had something else planed but because I slept-in today my dad didn't get the smoothie and he wants to try it.  I liked it so i'm ok with that.)
                 Lunch - Not Sure
                 Dinner - Strawberry Basil Penne
                 Breakfast - Yogurt Blueberry Pancakes
                 Lunch - Not Sure
                 Dinner - Black bean and sweet potato enchiladas
                 Breakfast - Pumpkin Flax Seed Cereal
                Then Later I will vacation to the beach for the weekend and won't be here.

My Lunches aren't really planed but the other two meals are and I did real well today.

Here is a picture of my dinner, it turned out well and I liked it, this recipe is a keeper.

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  1. Hi Kim-
    I am glad I found your blog tonight and was happy that you came over today to meet Katie. The graphics on your blog are darling! Are you good at art too or did Richard help you? I liked the picture of your healthy dinner and would like the recipe... keep making healthy dinners, I need some new recipes :)

    ps. My blog is www.birrellfamily.blogspot.com