Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Good Healthy Dinners

I have decided to make some good healthy dinners for the next few weeks before my dad gets married and I am no longer in charge of the dinner cooking.  First I spent some time looking at different things that I would like to try and planed when I would have them.  I then made a list of the things that I needed to buy.  I wanted to go to the store yesterday but because I can't drive and my sister didn't want to get ready to go, I went today.

Here is a look at what my meal plan is for the week:

 Monday didn't count, I just got back from a vacation and was limited to my food options.
                 Breakfast - Almond Banana Smoothie
                 Lunch - I was with my sister so had Mac and Cheese with her kids
                 Dinner - Grilled Bread and Summer vegetables tomato salad
                 Breakfast -Almond Banana Smoothie  (I had something else planed but because I slept-in today my dad didn't get the smoothie and he wants to try it.  I liked it so i'm ok with that.)
                 Lunch - Not Sure
                 Dinner - Strawberry Basil Penne
                 Breakfast - Yogurt Blueberry Pancakes
                 Lunch - Not Sure
                 Dinner - Black bean and sweet potato enchiladas
                 Breakfast - Pumpkin Flax Seed Cereal
                Then Later I will vacation to the beach for the weekend and won't be here.

My Lunches aren't really planed but the other two meals are and I did real well today.

Here is a picture of my dinner, it turned out well and I liked it, this recipe is a keeper.

Monday, August 27, 2012

It's Not Worth It

I had a surgery back in May of this year and since then I haven't had the same taste sensations that I used to have.  For example, I would get glazed doughnut holes and chocolate milk before my surgery and it would taste real good.  Well now the milk taste like water with a hint of chocolate flavoring (you know when there isn't enough and they should have done more).  As I continued and ate a doughnut the flavor was pretty much obsolete.  I asked my dad if they tasted good or if they were bad?  He said they were good, so I ate another and was done.  It wasn't worth it if it didn't taste good.

I have been told that my taste would return but it hasn't yet.  I have had this response with many foods and it is hard to find things that I like.

I still like to make things though, I just don't eat it, I let other people.  The other day I made brownies.  They were good, I liked them!  Here's the thing, I didn't care for the initial bite while it was in your mouth  I liked the taste that it left in my mouth a few minutes after swallowing. So I only ate little bits and would wait for awhile before having more.  My sister thought it was funny that I was eating for the aftertaste.

I didn't get lots of pictures but I got one, here it is, sorry for the quality I used my phone.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Take a Picture First

So the other day I made homemade whoopee pies. People wanted to eat them as soon as I was finished. I quickly thought of my blog and said I need to take a picture first so others know I don't just make cupcakes all the time.

They are a light green if you can't tell, it was for St. Patrick's day.

Everyone said they were really good. While one was enough most couldn't do it and gave into having another.

Right now I am all about fruit so if I do something amazing I'll show it.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I can make cupcakes

So I like to bake that's just who I am. I bake anything; cookies, brownies, cakes, and cupcakes. If you think of other things that can be baked, I probably do just not as much as what I have just mentioned. Everything I make is made from scratch, it is very rare for me to use a mix.

It has been quite s0metime since my last post but it has not been the same in the kitchen. I have made tons of different kinds of cookies, lots of different cupcakes and have attempted to make several cakes. I say attempted because with the exception of that chocolate cake I made for my sisters birthday my cakes turn out dry or flat. I think they look good though.

This is a yellow cake I made. It looks good and the frosting tasted like the fudge in the Keebler Elf cookies. The cake itself was dry but had a good flavor.

I made other cakes too and they weren't very good. So I made cupcakes , many different kinds.

Red-velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting. This was the first time I piped frosting like this so some look better then others.

Over-all they were great people loved them. With my cupcakes always turning out I've decided it OK that I can't make cakes, I can make cupcakes.

I'll try to take more pictures but it's just not a thing I do if I don't think about it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's her Birthday

My sister asked the other day if I would still make her a cake for her birthday and what she would have to do for it to happen. I told her I would make her a cake for ten dollars. She agreed and then I said that she just needed to buy a few things and I would make her a cake. In the end the supplies she bought cost about five dollars.

She told me what kind she wanted and my first thought was... really? It was a chocolate cake that I had made before. It wasn't my favorite but if that is what she wants I'll make it. It's her Birthday.

I did the frosting a bit different this time around just for fun.
Here is the cake.

Okay, I'll admit I am not a huge fan of chocolate cake but with this one I'm being converted.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I only make good things.

Most days I spend baking something. It doesn't really matter what it is but I remain with my mantra, "I only make good things." I was talking to my sister the other day because her birthday is coming up, so I told her I would make her a cake. She asked me what kind and I said whatever you want. She said she wanted a sugar-free cake and so I said never mind.

Today was no exception, all I had in mind ware apples. We have apples and need to use them. I thought of making a crisp or a pie. I looked at different recipes and couldn't decide so, I made both. Not as two separate dishes but combining them to make something good. I used parts that sound good and added extras to add to the goodness.

This was the result. It looked good so I cut it.

Yeah, it was that good.